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Spain Newspapers
CIA Factbook Spain

  • A Nosa Terra -- Vigo Galiza, Spain -- Updated weekly.  (Spanish)

  • ABC -- Madrid, Spain -- Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • Atlantico Canarias -- Canary Islands, Spain -- Updated daily. (Spanish)

  • Avui -- Barcelona, Spain -- Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • Canarias7 -- Las Palmas De Gran Canarias --Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • CiberDiari -- Barcelona, Spain -- Updated daily. (Catalan)

  • Cinco Dias -- Madrid, Spain -- Business news, updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • Costa Blanca News -- Costa Blanca, Spain -- Updated weekly. Web only. (English)

  • Daily Spain -- Alicante, Spain -- Daily Spain provides news pertaining to Spain in English, with world, sport, business and football news. Updated daily. (English)

  • DEIA -- Bilbao, Pais Vasco -- DEIA provides national, international, business, entertainment, arts, editorial, and local news - Updated daily. (Spanish)

  • Diari de Balears -- Palma De Gran Mallorca, Balears --Updated daily.  (Catalan)

  • Dirario de Las Palmas -- Las Palmas De Gran Canarias --Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • Diario El Correo -- Bilbao, Pais Vasco -- Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • Diario El Mundo -- Madrid, Spain -- Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • Diario La Rioja -- Logrono, Spain -- Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • El Comercio -- Gijon, Spain -- Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • El Dia -- -- Canary Islands, Spain -- Updated daily. (Spanish)

  • El Diario Montanes -- Santander, Spain -- Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • El Diario Vasco -- San Sebastián, Guipuzcoa -- Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • El Mirador de la Subbética -- Priego de Cordoba, Cordoba -- Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • El Norte de Castilla -- Valladolid, Castilla y León -- Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • El Pais -- Madrid, Spain -- Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • El Periodico de Catalunya -- Barcelona, Spain -- Updated daily.  (Castilian Spanish and Catalan)

  • El Sun -- Canary Islands, Spain -- El Sun, formerly Island Sun News, provides news for both Spain and the Canary Islands and boasts 25,000 copies printed weekly with a readership of over 100,000.  Updated daily.  (English)

  • Euro Weekly News -- Benalmádena, Málaga, Spain -- The Euro Weekly News is a series of six, well-established English language newspapers distributed FREE throughout mainland Spain, Mallorca and the Algarve, with a total weekly distribution of 90,000 copies read by over a quarter of a million people every week. The six editions cover the Costa del Sol, Heart of Andalucia (Ronda to Antequera), Costa Blanca, Almeria, Mallorca and the Algarve in Portugal. Updated daily. (English)

  • Expansion Directo -- Madrid, Spain -- Business news, updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • Faro de Vigo -- Vigo, Spain -- Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • -- Corralejo, Fuerteventura -- is a new weekly online English language newspaper for the residents of Corralejo, Fuerteventura. aims to provide a lighthearted look at the Island of Fuerteventura and it's ex-pat community, to bring local news to friends and family back home in the UK. (English)

  • La Gaceta de Los Negocios -- Madrid, Spain -- Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • Hoy -- Badajoz, Spain -- Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • Huelva Informacion -- Huelva, Andalucia -- Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • Ibiza Sun -- Ibiza, Spain -- The Ibiza Sun, the free online newspaper published in English every Wednesday, with all the latest local news, weather where to go and whats on in Ibiza. Printed copies distributed from outlets in San Antonio, San Antonio Bay, Es Cana, Santa Eularia, Portinax, Figeretes, Playa den Bossa, Ibiza Town, Port des Torrent, Sant Josep, San carlos, San Rafael, San Jordi, Santa Gertrudis. Updated weekly. (English)

  • Ideal -- Granada, Spain -- Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • Inland Trader -- Ontinyent, Valencia, Spain -- Inland Trader, established in 2004, is a free fortnightly newspaper with over 30,000 readers in Inland Valencia and areas of Gandia Oliva and Javea. It is the only expat newspaper dedicated to the large English speaking community living inland from Alicante to Valencia. (English)

  • La Vanguardia -- Barcelona, Catalonia -- Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • La Verdad -- Murcia, Spain -- Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • Levante El Mercantil Valenciano -- Valencia, Spain -- Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • Madrid Press -- Madrid, Spain -- Madrid Press provides national, international, business, entertainment, arts, editorial, and local news. Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • MARCA -- Madrid, Spain -- Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • Majorca Daily Bulletin -- Majorca, Spain -- Updated daily. (English)

  • Menorca Info-- Menorca, Spain -- Updated daily. (Spanish)

  • Panorama Actual -- Valencia, Spain -- Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • Sabadell -- Sabadell, Catalonia -- Updated daily. (Catalan)

  • Spanish World -- Valencia, Spain -- Web-only, updated daily.  (English)

  • Sunny Fuerteventura News -- Fuerteventura, Canary Islands -- Sunny Fuerteventura News provides both English and Spanish news for Fuerteventura Island in the Canary Islands of Spain. (English and Spanish-edition).

  • Sur -- Málaga, Spain -- Updated daily.  SUR also has an English-edition. (Spanish and English)

  • Tenerife News -- Tenerife, Canary Islands -- Updated weekly.  (English)

  • Times of Earth -- Madrid, Spain -- The Times of Earth is a leading Internet destination dedicated to bring World News, World Business ,Science / Technology ,Sports, Health,Weather and Horoscope/Photos/Video. Their primary objective is to bring "news as it happens"quality news which is impartial, timely and independent.

  • Ultima Hora -- Palma De Gran Mallorca, Balears --Updated daily.  (Spanish)

  • Valencia World -- Valencia, Spain -- Web-only.  Business news, updated daily.  (English)

  • VilaWeb Sabadell -- Sabadell, Spain -- --Updated daily.  (Spanish)



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