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Japan Newspapers
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  • Asahi Shimbun -- Tokyo, Japan -- Asahi Shimbun is the world's largest newspaper, with a daily circulation of 12 million, is greater than the combined total circulation of the top nine U.S. newspapers. English-edition is also available. Updated daily.  (Japanese and English)
  • Chiba Nippo -- Chiba, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Chubu Weekly -- Aichi, Japan -- Updated weekly.  (English)
  • Chugoku Shimbun -- Hiroshima, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Chunichi Shimbun -- Nagoya, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Daily News Nagoya -- Nagoya, Japan -- Updated daily.  (English)
  • Ehime Shimbun -- Matsuyama, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Fukui Shimbun -- Fukui, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Hokkaido Shimbun -- Sapporo, Hokkaido -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Hokkoku Shimbun -- Kanazawa City, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Ibaraki Shimbun -- Mito, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Ise Shimbun -- Tsu, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Iwate Nippo -- Morioka City, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Japan Chemical Week -- Tokyo, Japan -- Business and chemical industry news, updated weekly.  (Japanese and English)
  • Japan Times -- Tokyo, Japan -- Founded in 1897, the Japan Times has been Japan's premier English-language daily newspaper, providing comprehensive coverage of world and domestic news, business and politics. Additionally, the Japan Times boasts the largest classified ad sections of any English-language daily in Japan.  Updated daily.  (English)
  • Japan Updated -- Naha, Okinawa -- Updated weekly.  (English)
  • Kahoku Shimpo -- Sendai, Japan -- Updated weekly.  (Japanese)
  • Kanagawa Shimbun -- Yokohama City, Japan -- Updated weekly.  (Japanese)
  • Kii Mimpo -- Tanabe City, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Kitanippon Shimbun -- Toyama, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Kobe Shimbun -- Kobe, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Kochi Shimbun -- Kochi, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Komamoto Nichi-Nichi Shimbun -- Komamoto, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Kyodo News -- Tokyo, Japan -- Kyodo's mission is to supply timely and accurate political, economic, business, city and cultural news, mainly of Asia and the Pacific Rim, to non-Japanese media. KNI now provides major newspapers, TV broadcasters, financial services, online databases and government agencies with more than 200 news reports daily.

Kyodo's Japanese-language news service is distributed to almost all newspapers and radio-TV networks in Japan. The combined circulation of newspaper subscribers is about 50 million. Updated daily.  (English)

  • Kyoto Shimbun -- Kyoto, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Mainichi Daily News -- Tokyo, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Nara Shimbun -- Nara, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Niigata Nippo -- Niigata, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Nihon Keizai Shimbun -- Tokyo, Japan -- NikkeiNet is a complete source for Japanese/Pacific Rim business news, updated daily.  English-version available.  (Japanese and English)
  • Nihonkai Shimbun -- Tottori, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun -- Tokyo, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Nikkei Net Interactive -- (subscription) -- Tokyo, Japan -- Every business day, Nikkei Net Interactive selects, translates and carries over 100 articles from The Nihon Keizai Shimbun, The Nikkei Industrial Daily, The Nikkei Financial Daily, and The Nikkei Marketing Journal; plus highlighted market news from Dow Jones & Company and Kyodo News and one article per weekday from The Wall Street Journal. A fully searchable four-month archive of all Nikkei News stories is maintained. The Morning Edition is updated daily (except the day after a newspaper holiday) at approximately 2:30 a.m. (JST). Evening Edition is updated Monday through Friday at around 4:30 p.m. (JST). Updated daily.  (English)
  • Nikkei Weekly -- Tokyo, Japan -- Updated weekly.  (English)
  • Nishinippon Shimbun -- Fukuoka City, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Okinawa Times -- Naha City, Okinawa -- The Okinawa Times was first published in 1948, three years after the end of the Second World War, receiving support from the local people. The circulation of the daily and evening editions totals about 185,000 as of May, 1996. Updated daily.  English-version available.  (Japanese and English)
  • Osaka Shimbun -- Osaka, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Pacific Stars & Stripes -- Tokyo, Japan -- As the hometown newspaper for servicemembers, government civilians and their families in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Pacific, Stars and Stripes offers the same type of national and international news, sports and opinion columns found in newspapers in the United States. Military news, updated daily.  Stripes' giant Pacific paper route is bounded on the north by Misawa, Japan, on the south by Java, Indonesia, on the west by Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, and on the east by Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands.(English)
  • Ryukyu Shimpo -- Naha, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese, English and Spanish)
  • Saitama Shimbun -- Urawa City, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Sanyo Shimbun -- Okayama, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Shikoku Shimbun -- Takamatsu City, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Shinano Mainichi Shimbun -- Matsumoto, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Shizuoka Shimbun -- Shizuoka, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Shukan ST  -- Updated weekly.  (Japanese and English)
  • Tokushima Shimbun -- Tokushima City, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Tokyo Shimbun -- Tokyo, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Toyama Shimbun -- Toyama, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Yamanashi Nichi-Nichi Shimbun -- Kofu City, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)
  • Yomiuri Shimbun -- Tokyo, Japan -- Updated daily.  (Japanese)


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