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Czech Republic Newspapers
CIA Factbook on Czech Republic

  • Central Europe Business Journal -- Prague, Czech Republic - is a source of electronic newsletters covering industries in Central Europe. Each morning, delivers timely and targeted news items via email or the web, covering a wide range of business is a product of New World Publishing, publisher of the Prague, Warsaw and Budapest Business Journals. (English)
  • Central Europe Online (registration required) -- Prague, Czech Republic -- Central Europe Online is a publication of EIN News and provides business, economica and political news related to Central Europe. EIN News, is a business information and online news service. Founded in 1995, EIN News focuses on over 240 countries, regions, and all U.S. States. Each day EIN draws from hundreds of sources to present the most complete picture of the day's breaking news---political, business, cultural, scientific---whatever is interesting and important. More than 1 million English-speaking people each year turn to EIN for breaking news. Thousands of global professionals are paid subscribers of EIN News - businesses, governments, associations, and others. (English)  Reports on news throughout Central Europe.
  • Inside China Today -- Prague, Czech Republic -- Web only, updated daily.  (English).  Reports on events, news and politics pertaining to China.
  • Lidové Noviny -- Prague, Czech Republic -- Updated daily.  (Czech)
  • Mladá fronta Dnes -- Prague, Czech Republic -- Mladá fronta Dnes (The Youth Front Today) is one of the most widely read papers in the Czech Republic.Updated daily.  (Czech)
  • Prager Zeitung -- Prague, Czech Republic -- Updated daily.  (German)
  • Prague Daily Monitor -- Prague, Czech Republic --  The Prague Daily Monitor is a comprehensive free source of Czech news in English available on the internet. Each morning, the Prague Daily Monitor samples the local media and international news to offer readers an up-to-date look at events affecting the Czech Republic. The Prague Daily Monitor provides weather forecasts, the latest local news and business news, exchange rates, and financial markets. Additionally, the latest on Czech and international art, local dining, the current cinema, and a wide range of local and world opinions. Updated daily. (English)
  • Prague Post -- Prague, Czech Republic -- The Prague Post is the Czech Republic's most popular and widely circulated English-language weekly newspaper. Since its creation in October 1991, The Post has built a regional reputation for excellence in community and national journalism. With news, business, and cultural features, together with a highly popular calendar guide, Night&Day, The Post provides its readers with a thorough and thoughtful overview of current events in the Czech Republic and neighboring states. Circulated nationally and internationally, reaching 40,000 readers, The Post prides itself as must reading for regional decision-makers, both in the business and political world. The Prague Post website attracts some 300,000 global readers weekly. Updated daily.  (English)
  • Prague Tribune -- Prague, Czech Republic -- The Prague Tribune, self-billed as the Czech Republic's leading lifestyle and business magazine, provides you with useful, practical reports on the new tools and practices in human resources, marketing, finance, real estate and technology. Excellent site design and ease of use. Updated daily.  (Czech and English )
  • Pravo --  Prague, Czech Republic -- Updated daily.  (Czech)
  • Trafika -- Prague, Czech Republic -- Web only portal site, updated daily.  (Czech)

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